195 Inter Coupe Touring

Rare Ferrari of the 195 Inter series, one of just three bodied by Carrozzeria Touring and sold to first owner, Franco Cornacchia of the famous Scuderia Guastalla of Milano.  Also the only one of the Touring bodied cars with in period racing and rallying history, including the 1951 Dutch Tulip Rallye.  The present owner since 12 years, after extensive documenting of the car’s history and restoration of first parts, 5 years ago invited Classic Skills to start a ground up restoration of the car.
The first years were dedicated to the construction of a rolling chassis of the car using all original elements. Because the original body of the car, originally made of aluminium, after spending a long time in the open air in an avocado grove in Florida where it was found in 1988, had become unsalvageable, a new body became essential.  A full body scan was made of a sister car and using the scans a 4D wood carving machine carved all elements necessary to be able to construct a full wooden buck of the car.
195 Inter Coupe Touring
2.3L V12
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