Restoration workshop
Classic skills

Classic Skills, is a company that specialises in the restoration of classic cars in the upper segment. In Lomm, nearby the town of Venlo in the Netherlands, Classic Skills serves it’s customers worldwide which includes collectors, museums and investors.

Striving toward
perfection and authenticity

The Team at Classic Skills works on cars of all types and vintages. The team also has a restoration repertoire from A to Z under one roof. Under the leadership of owner Noek Stevens, a team of eight professionals work in a modern airconditioned workshop on 10 to 15 projects, that vary from simple repairs to complete restorations.
Classic Skills always strive toward perfection and authenticity in the smallest detail. Prior to all projects, thorough research is carried out as to how the original looked when it left the factory.
Generally in most cases, the car reveals this information itself. If this is the case, Classic Skills reverts to its own database and network for a complete background.

Pure passion
is a feeling

A workshop equipped with authentic machines for manual and mechnical crafting of coachwork parts of various materials.

A perfect copy
of the original

Classic Skills makes no concessions during the restoration process. To make an exact copy of the original, the team makes use of original machines, manufacturing methods and materials. Original materials are even used in places that are not directly visible such as cables and fixtures. The result is always a fully authentic car in perfect state. This is valued by customers and juries at various competitions worldwide.

Full customer transparency is a policy from which Classic Skills
never deviates. Discretion and care is a pre to protect their priceless
Because Classic Skills possesses the full restoration repertoire, all stages in the restoration process are fully documented and illustrated.
Owners are always welcome to walk in and see the progress of their project.

Over the years Classic Skills has built a worldwide reputation for its unique quality, vision, expertise and experience. Due to this reputation the team has restored many exclusive cars, and always to the complete satisfaction of the customer. In short, Classic Skills is a renovator with passion for the craft, eye for detail and attention for the customer.
Classic Skills B.V.
Spikweien 1a
5943 AC Lomm
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)77 307 30 66
Cellular: +31 (0)6 200 778 78